Why Instant Pot Popcorn Is the Secret to a Great Movie Night At Home

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It takes nothing more than bland popcorn to ruin your movie night. Easy fix? Look no further than your Instant Pot! Yes, you read that right. With the help of this versatile kitchen appliance, you can easily make delicious, customizable popcorn that will take your at-home cinema experience to the next level. In this article, I’m going to tell you why Instant Pot popcorn is the secret to a great movie night at home. Get ready to elevate your snacking game and impress the kids!

Instant Pot Popcorn  | I am Jenn

The Benefits of Instant Pot Popcorn

When it comes to snacking during movie night, nothing beats popcorn. It’s easy to make, goes perfectly with any film genre, and, best of all, it’s a low-calorie option compared to other snack alternatives. But, have you ever tried making popcorn with your Instant Pot? Not only does it save you time and effort, but it also has a range of benefits that make it the perfect snack for movie night. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Instant Pot popcorn stand out.,

The Perfect Snack for Movie Night

When it comes to enjoying a movie night at home, having the perfect snack is essential. A snack that is easy to make, delicious, and won’t leave you feeling guilty for indulging. This is where Instant Pot popcorn comes in as the perfect snack for movie night. With its minimal calorie count and quick and effortless preparation process, it’s the ideal snack for a relaxing movie night at home.

Spice It Up

Adding a little bit of spice to your Instant Pot popcorn can take it to the next level. Sprinkle some chili powder, garlic powder, or even a bit of cumin on top for a savory kick. If you have a sweet tooth, try adding some cinnamon or nutmeg for a tasty dessert-like popcorn. You can also experiment with different types of oils and seasonings to find your perfect flavor combination. And don’t forget about toppings! Shaved Parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast can add a cheesy twist to your popcorn, while chocolate chips or caramel drizzle can satisfy your sweet tooth. With so many options, your kids will never get bored of Instant Pot popcorn during movie night.

Instant Pot Popcorn

Instant Pot Popcorn

Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 12 minutes


  • 1/2 C Popcorn Kernels
  • 2 T Oil


  • Set your pot on saute and immediately place the oil inside your instant pot.
  • Allow the oil to heat up for about 2 minutes, or until your instant pot displays the word “hot,” before placing your popcorn kernels.
  • Stir for about 1 minute before putting a lid on the top so you can see through.
  • After 2-3 minutes of heating, you will hear the popcorn kernels popping while covered.
  • Let it pop for about 5 minutes or until most kernels have popped. Serve and enjoy!


Tips for Instant Pot Popcorn:
  • You’ll want to be able to see your popcorn kernels to ensure they’re not burning after a couple of minutes of popping. If you don’t have a glass lid, you’ll want to check under the lid occasionally. 
  • If your popcorn kernels are older, they may not seem stale to you, but older kernels will not pop well, if at all, in the instant pot. Use fresh kernels. 
  • I used avocado oil, which resulted in some luscious popcorn. However, you can use any oil you have on hand. 
  • To get a more even pop, after every minute of popping, stir the popcorn or shake your instant pot to move around the popcorn. Unpopped kernels sometimes rest on already-popped popcorn, which results in them not getting enough heat to pop. Moving the popcorn around helps these unpopped kernels get better heat.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of butter with the oil if you want buttery popcorn. Once it’s melted, you can add your popcorn kernels. 
Instant Pot Popcorn  | I am Jenn