The Essential Tools You Need for Effective Remote Working

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Remote working has become a regular part of life for many of us, especially if you run your own business. There are many things to learn and get used to, but it’s much easier if you have the right tools. Here is everything you need to work remotely.

The Essential Tools You Need for Effective Remote Working

A Good Computer with Reliable Internet

The very basics are a good working computer and a reliable internet connection. A desktop may give you a bigger screen and more power, but a laptop allows you to work on the go. Your regular household Wi-Fi is enough for remote working, but you may also look at your usage and consider adding more bandwidth.

Communication Tools

Remote working requires some communication tools beyond email to talk to colleagues and clients. Email gets clunky and hard to manage. Messages pile up on threads. It’s incredibly inconvenient when you have a team of people talking together. A chat platform like Slack or Skype is a much better option. You can chat throughout the day as if you were in the next cubicle.

Video Conferencing

It’s highly likely that you’ll sometimes have to attend meetings. For this, you’ll need video conferencing software. With a program like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can have virtual meetings to see everyone and take advantage of features like screen share and presentations. 

Project Management

If you’re collaborating on projects with others, you’ll need a project management program like Asana, Jira, or Basecamp. These programs allow you to see and edit the progress of projects, share and edit documents, and communicate together as you work.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows you to store files in the cloud rather than on a physical device. The advantage is that you can access these files anywhere. It also gives you more storage than your computer can handle. The simplest and most popular are Google Drive and Dropbox.

Pocket Wi-Fi

If you’re taking your work on the road, you may want to buy a pocket Wi-Fi. This is a small device that gives you your hotspot. It allows you to use Wi-Fi anywhere without relying on unsecured public networks. You can also use it as a backup at home if your Wi-Fi goes out.

Organizational Tools

Finally, a wide selection of tools helps you get and stay organized. When working remotely without a boss or office, having the right tools can be pretty helpful for staying on top of things. These tools include online calendars, time management tools, automated to-do lists, and time trackers that help you audit how you spend your time at work.

Many of these options can be found for free and are very easy to use. They make work more accessible and more efficient for remote workers. 

Essential Tools You Need for Effective Remote Working