A New Year often ignites an urge for people to save money. Whether it’s from overspending during the holidays or a determination to finally make this year the year to get out of debt, Americans are making budgets and pledging to stick to it.

Groceries and household products are often one of the largest expenses each month for a family. The following is a list of 6 apps that will help you save money on these products.

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“Use a strong password” is a constant reminder we all receive when setting up new accounts.

If I had a $1 for every time I have had to click RESET PASSWORD in my life because I couldn’t remember my password, I could buy WalMart.


I know I should update them more often, but the turning of a New Year is what always prompts me to change and update all of my passwords.

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As a blogger, there are a few tools that are mandatory. A site name (preferably a personalized domain), hosting, a will to write – and photos. In today’s visual time – photos are a must. Good photos. And sometimes that means using stock photos.

And as my friend, Darcy, said many years ago – the best camera to use is the one in your hand.

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The New Year always brings a desire to simplify – to eliminate. An attitude of cleaning out. And while many think of just cleaning out drawers and closets, there are so many other areas in life to take into consideration for a fresh start.

5 Things to Eliminate This Year

5 things to eliminate in the New Year

1. Clutter. I know, I know. It’s a buzz word these days. Start the new year organized.

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