How to Promote Products You’re Proud of without Being Sleazy

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Promoting products and services online is a great way to earn money. There are many different products and services out there to promote, and you’ll likely create your own along the way. Choose top-notch products, use them first, and be honest about them. When you start something of your own, make it the best you are capable of making it. As long as you are completely honest about the products and services you promote, you should not have any issues with product promotion.

How to Promote Products You’re Proud of without Being Sleazy

Create Top-Notch Products

Anything you do starts with the products that you create. If your product is not top-notch, you will feel bad about getting people to buy it because you will not feel honest or good about it. Instead of doing that, create a legitimate product or service that solves problems for your audience in a way that no one else can. If you do that, you’ll feel great about promoting it to others in multiple ways because you’ll be proud of it. 

Find & Use Other People’s Products Before Promotion

If you promote other people’s products or services, it’s essential to try out at least a few of the products and services put out by that business. The reason is that unless you try it out, you will have no idea whether the products are as good as they say. More than likely, if you try a couple and they are of high quality, you can be safe to promote the other products and services from that business. The truth is you’re just going to feel better if you know what the products are like before you promote them.

Be Honest About Every Product

You’ll never go wrong if you are always honest about every product or service you promote, focusing on the problems it solves for your audience. The blog posts you write and the sales pages you create are designed to promote the solutions the product provides. If you remember to focus on solutions, you’ll write natural promotional materials about each product or service and feel good about it.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

TV advertising often focuses on something called “puffery, ” which is actually a good thing to do in advertising. “This is The BEST Widget you’ll Ever Need” is puffery. You don’t know if it’s the best widget, but you say that because you now believe it to be true. Lying would be like, “You’ll Lose 100 lbs. in 1 Month” using our product. You know that’s impossible, so to say so would be lying. Instead, create marketing and advertising that tells the truth about your product or service so that they’re blown away by how awesome it is when they receive it.

Creating and promoting products and services that you know to be effective will not require you to do anything sleazy. When you know about products that can help your audience, not promoting them would be much worse. 

How to Promote Products You’re Proud of without Being Sleazy