About Jenn

Hey, you!

Thanks for being here.

I am Jenn. And I’m the face behind I Am Jenn

(you may remember me as Daze of Adventure)

When life presents changes, you may find yourself changing more than you would have ever thought possible.

And when you work online? This may include your brand.

It did mine.

I Am Jenn is just that – about me.


The projects. The interests. The work life. The adventures.

The good. The bad. The ugly. The non-photo-shopped version.
And most importantly – the new. Because new is good.


I am Jenn Hamrick | lifestyle blogger

I want to help make your life simpler as a mom, entrepreneur, or just more of a fabulous human being in this crazy-paced world by writing about life. All of it–the beautiful and the messy.

Posts around here include DIY projects, gluten free recipes, tips for a work-at-home-life balance. Travel adventures, organizing, home management, and more……

And sometimes there are just stories of getting through surviving different seasons of life.

Because some days that is the success. Amen? Amen.

I’m passionate about life. And my kids. And his kids. Because together, we have a lot of kids. Five to be exact. And chaos. And crazy.

A Two dogs, two cats, a guinea pig, a turtle, a fish.

And I am grateful for all of it. My life is a story in the making. One I could have never written, but one I wholeheartedly believe that The Lord has forever been knitting together like one big patchwork quilt – and in the end, it will make one beautiful masterpiece.

I hope you find encouragement here. I want to encourage you to find peace among the chaos life sometimes will bring.

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