This article offers some of the best ideas for simple no bake desserts for the holidays.

Simple No Bake Desserts Thanksgiving

Y’all. I love Thanksgiving. I am a big fan of a lot of holidays. Christmas and my birthday included. But I do believe Thanksgiving may be my favorite.

It may be the fall weather, the pumpkins and mums and cornstalks. Oh, I love me some cornstalks. And pumpkin pie.

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We’ve all heard the word. Divorce. None of us set out to get married to get divorced. I know I didn’t. I know I also thought for years “that will never happen to me.”

I also know I am one of those people who just smiled through it all and kept chugging along. All while dying on the inside.

It all happened a few years ago. It all started more years ago than that.

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If you have a blog, you are a blogger. If you earn any amount of income from your blog–whether through affiliate links, paid ads, ad networks, sponsored posts, etc.– you are required to file taxes. Don’t stress. These tax tips are simple. And whether you have an online or a brick and mortar business–filing taxes is just a part of being a business owner.

**I am not an accountant or financial expert.

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Maggie-Peyton and I had a 2+ hour layover Friday night in Charlotte, North Carolina. 1000s of people scurrying through the airport, and we walked by this one young guy in fatigues who was making small talk with an older gentleman.

As we walked by, we overheard the young guy say “Today was my last day as a Navy Seal.” Assuming he was moving on to better things, we paused and said,

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